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Hello World in Flutter

Flutter: Hello, World!

Flutter is very easy to start with, it takes a few widgets to get started with your first cross platform application! July 20, 2020

In Flutter we primarily use widgets. There are all sorts of widgets to look out for and each providing a specific functionality. Flutter allows you to implement various things at ease with the help of widgets. A simple hello world app in flutter looks like this:

MaterialApp Widget allows us to use the material widgets within the application where as scaffold provides additional functionalities such as adding an app bar within the app, adding a floating action button and so on. Scaffold gives us screen space to work on.

Within the Scaffold widget we have a body property. We have passed a Center Widget in the body to make our text centered and we in turn have used the text widget to get the application render text. We will be using MaterialApp and Scaffold almost every time. So our basic tree is structured as follows.

        -> Scaffold
                -> Text

Screenshots :

Hello World application in flutter

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